Your Job, Your Identity?

Your Job, Your Identity?

A tattoo artist at work in East Village, NYC.

It used to be we were defined mostly by our personality, our integrity, our hard work, our honesty, our good friends, etc. - or there lack of these. People once valued honesty, integrity and hard work. Not any longer. Nowadays people mainly judge us by our job and our projected appearances. Sadly, we even judge ourselves by what we do and our crafted image. Republican presidential candidate and current front-runner Donald Trump boasts that he's worth 10 Billion Dollars while repeatedly telling us that he's a successful businessman therefore a credible candidate and we buy it. Although he flipped-flopped on nearly every issue, we equate job-success with integrity and competence. The answer to "what do you do?" is the primarily criteria by which we judge each other irrespective of our personalities...
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