What Is Your "Citizen Score"?

What Is Your Citizen Score?

In China, they are establishing a nightmarish citizen score system. Much like the credit score system, every citizen is "measured" with a score between 350 and 950, linked to their national identification number. If you buy certain things, play video games, drive badly, have the wrong friends, further dissenting political opinions, etc, your "citizen score" goes down. If you do what "good citizens" do, your score goes up. Anyone can check anyone else's score, and people are already bragging about their high scores and disassociating themselves from friends who are lowering their scores.

This system is not yet official, but the Chinese Government is working on something similar to be implemented by 2020. Although not as draconian, we have similar systems of discrimination and suppression in effect in the West; Good luck doing anything with a bad credit score. Employees readily lookup social network profiles and friends before they hire. Data mining corporations provide sensitive information about anyone to anyone willing to pay for it. Even states are jumping on the discrimination bandwagon: Iowa is keeping a public do-not-hire list. And, if you support the BDS Movement, your name could end up in a do-not-hire list...
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