Awed By Pope Francis

Awed By Pope Francis

Pope Francis is the most celebrated Pope in recent history; In the eyes of many, he is a rock star. In a world where "bullshit" dominates all aspects of life, from politics to the news, he at the least speaks the Truth on subjects politicians and the media stay silent - from economical injustice to the threat of climate change. And people respond. People are sick of bullshit.

For years, I've been asserting over that issues such as poverty, income inequality, environmental degradation, injustice and climate change are religious issues. I could never get my head around to why religious leaders of all denominations stayed silent on "modern-day plagues" when scriptures of all religious traditions call all their followers to action. Pope Francis is the first major religious leader who gave voice to the obvious. God bless him. But words are just the beginning. I hope he and other religious leaders follow through and challenge the dominant institutions, assumptions and ideologies putting humanity on the brink of extinction.

Maybe it's time to de-mystify mysticism: "The Christian of the future will either be a mystic or will cease to be anything at all." - Karl Rahner.

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