I was forced to take a one week break due to laptop problems. It takes about three full days for me to move my backups and reconfigure a new laptop. I've been using Microsoft Windows since Version 3.0. I use Linux professionally and for backups. Over the last 20+ years, Microsoft has stolen hundreds and hundreds of hours of my time with their crappy software. Someone ought to estimate the loss of human productivity due to the use of MS software. Billions of hours?

In their essence, all religions deal with the same universal and fundamental non-rational truths. It is the clergy and institutions that complicate things and try to impose their bias of superiority. In other words, all religions inherently become corrupt. Born into a religion, we see the corruption of others, but not our own. Unless you get to the essence of your religion, yours too is corrupt. And, if by any chance you do experience the true essence of one religion, you'll also experience the essence of others.
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