Fuck The Status Quo!

Fuck The Status Quo!

"Fuck The Status Quo!" The problem with this message is the producer. These "street ads" are a promotion for a supposed indie alternative to Facebook. Remember the Google motto "Don't be evil"? Well, Ello is claiming that they will never sell user data to advertisers or third parties, never show advertisements and will not enforce a real-name policy. Good luck with that.

It is obvious that Ello is trying to attract oddballs and privacy conscious users. After the Edward Snowden revelations, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple - pretty much every tech company out there - is scrambling to restore their reputation. In vain, I might add. They all spied on their users and willingly handed data to government agencies. Ello is no different. Last year, in an earlier ad campaign, their slogan was "You Are Not a Product". That one didn't go too well. If in any venture, there is any conflict of interest, corruption will surely follow. Ello is funded by the usual venture capitalists. And, one thing about VC's is that they are never in it to "do good".

Those in the advertising world might call it "an old trick", but turning your dislike of the status quo into "the status quo" does not really work. Not in the long run. So, "Fuck the status quo!" - for real. And, "Fuck Ello!" for hijacking the message.
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