With the advent of the Internet, pornography became mainstream. Statistics are staggering. 12% of all websites are porn sites. 25% of all web searches are pornography related. 20% of men and 13% of women admit to watching porn at work. Porn addiction has become an epidemic and it is ruining relationships. And porn is becoming increasingly violent and brutal.

Despite all of that, porn industry lobby groups are vigorously defending pornography. Even some "feminist" groups have joined them, framing pornography and prostitution as a "women's right to choose". But the reality of pornography and prostitution is way more horrendous than presented. Recently, journalist Chris Hedges took on the issue in his article "The Whoredom of the Left" and he was immediately demonized by the industry and some feminist groups. A more recent article by Meghan Murphy, "The Sex Industry's Attack on Feminists" lays it bare. Both are a must-read.

Pornography, much like "reality" shows on TV, is an addictive distraction from the realities of life. They offer no personal benefit whatsoever. They make a handful of corporations and individuals richer, and keep citizens distracted, uninformed, depoliticized and out of the way of governments. So you wankers out there, it's time to wake up! Don't let porn rule your life.
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