Occupy National Gathering: "VeriGreedy"

Occupy National Gathering: VeriGreedy

On July 2nd, approximately 300 Occupy National Gathering protestors were joined by about 100 Verizon workers for the Corporate Accountability March.

During 2008-2010, Verizon paid no taxes, instead got $951 million in tax rebates; $52 million of which it spent on lobbying. In 2006, it was revealed that, Verizon, along with AT&T and BellSouth, had turned over the call records of millions of U.S. citizens to the National Security Agency. Verizon is against net neutrality and continues to censor its Internet network by blocking access to some sites. In 2011, it filed an appeal regarding FCC's net neutrality ruling. While posting record profits and "dodging taxes", Verizon actively works towards reducing worker benefits. Like Monsanto, Verizon is another example of a Veri-Greedy, evil corporation. Fuck Greed!

The function of government isn't to establish two sets of rules; One which applies to corporations and the other to its citizens. Corporations are NOT people! End corporate personhood! In the meantime, the government must ensure that everyone is bound by the same set of rules.

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Song of the Day: Day In Day Out - XTC (1979)
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