Philadelphia Street Art / Information Silos / The Cycle

Philadelphia Street Art - Information Silos - The Cycle

Photographed on Bainbridge St., Philadelphia.

In business management and information technology, an Information Silo describes a situation where a department or a group is closed off and does not the share the same priorities, goals or even the same tools from other systems. A similar concept, the silo mentality is an organizational way of thinking where information, goals, tools, priorities and processes are not shared with other departments. These terms are a fancy way of stating a breakdown in communication. Silo mentality is highly discouraged in organizations.

Communication is a cycle of expression and reception. If one only expresses (transmits) or if one only acts as a receiver, but not both, the cycle isn't completed. And without the cycle, there is no connection. Someone said this depiction was "stating the obvious". Is it really that obvious?
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