Water of Life

Water of Life

According to the EPA, native species of plants and animals are disappearing from many rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. 80% of rivers in the U.S. are polluted; That number increasing every day. Agriculture and industry make up almost 88% of water use, with public use at about 12%. Agriculture and Industry are also the main source of pollution, costs of which are externalized. I had written elsewhere that "intelligence is a fatal mutation", and we are on the verge of proving it. If we were "intelligent", we wouldn't destroying the very resource our lives depend upon.

Add to all of that, climate change and global warming. Climate change is threatening our water resources and hence, our food supply. The state of California is in the midst of an epic drought, and their "solution" is not to water lawns and take long showers. As of yet, there is no plan to reduce water use in agriculture and industry. Remember, the public use of water is only 12%.

People, especially the "educated", dismiss posts such as this as "environmentalist babble". Their premise is, somehow, human ingenuity always comes up with solutions, innovations, something, and solve big problems. How can they be so sure? Even scientists suffer from magical thinking, in fact, many are prone to it. They are the ones ignoring the realities of the present, and depicting a future where technology reigns for the good of all. Not only are they wrong, as propagators of such depictions, they are the greatest deceivers. They have become the very "high priests" that science was out to discredit.

Supporting my point, according to Dr. Richard Horton, the current editor-in-chief of The Lancet, the world's leading medical journal, "half of all scientific literature is false". Instead of talking about a magical future, all scientists should be concerned about our deteriorating water resources, pollution, climate change...
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