Leave Me The Fuck Alone!

Leave Me The Fuck Alone!

We can all R.I.P. The TPP - Trans-Pacific Partnership just cleared the "Senate hurdle". No one in the media even bothered to ask whether if it was constitutional. The "news networks" are busy with stories like Johnny Depp's Dogs, Amtrak train derailment and Biker Gang Retaliation, with TPP almost totally ignored.

It's no surprise that the TPP was fast-tracked. Contrary to reports, the Senate never a hurdle. The Three Branches of Government and the so called Fourth Estate are almost wholly "owned" by corporate powers. And the TPP is their path to full ownership. We're all owned!

I could spend the next year or two proving beyond any doubt everything I've written above, but you would not read it anyway. If you are interested, there's enough material out there for you to reach your own conclusion. It's likely that you are already experiencing all sorts of unpleasant intrusions into your life from all directions. That's because "the system" will not leave you alone; All institutions have a tendency to evolve towards making the individual, their subjects, more dependent on themselves. Nicolas Chamfort wrote, "Anyone whose needs are small seems threatening to the rich, because he's always ready to escape their control". That is what we're seeing here in the U.S. Hence, they will not leave us the fuck alone!

There is a threshold after which all avenues for "the system" to correct itself are closed. I believe the execution of the TPP trade deal is that threshold.
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