Guarded by the Mural / Analysis Paralysis

Guarded by the Mural - Analysis Paralysis

Do you remember this mural? I like the concept of the Guardian Angel and how it is depicted in this piece. Pagans, Babylonians, Assyrians, Zoroastrians and Abrahamic Religions all share some sort of belief that every individual soul has a guardian angel associated with it.

Someone mentioned that I suffered from analysis paralysis; That is, devoting disproportionately high effort to analyze things rather than to do things. They deducted that from what is written in these posts. I admit that I do have a tendency to analyze and synthesize things I come across, but I'm not sure about the "paralysis". I admittedly do experience the information overload that modern life presents. Asking questions, trying to understand the world around you and curiosity are embedded in the human experience. Sorting through and making sense of things requires a certain degree of analysis. Our current understanding is that only the human species is capable of such a thing, although most of us show very little effort once we have grown up. Can we rely solely on our "guardian angels" to guide us through life without any effort on our part?

What good is all this analysis and learning? Isn't ignorance bliss? There is a story of an ocean frog visiting a frog who lives in a ditch. The ditch frog, jumps from one end of the ditch to the other, telling the ocean frog how great his world is. He then asks the ocean frog what's it like where he lives. The ocean frog looks at the ditch frog and answers "I couldn't tell you".

Today it's the end of the world! Again!

Song of the Day: Fly Trapped in a Jar - Modest Mouse (2007)
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