Healthcare Is A Human Right?

Healthcare Is A Human Right?

"Healthcare is a human right". Is it? I guess it depends on who you ask. On one side, you have those who claim that U.S. health care system is the best in world, while on the other side, U.S. has most expensive, least effective health care system among 10 western, industrialized nations. For the uninsured, under-insured or those bankrupting themselves in order to pay medical bills, healthcare is a nightmare. According to a 2009 Harvard Medical School study, 45,000 deaths annually are linked to lack of health coverage.

Many Americans are stressed out about losing their healthcare coverage or their jobs since most - 60% - rely on employer-sponsored health coverage - something most people I speak to from other countries don't worry about. And paradoxically, stress can raise your health insurance rate. Additionally, less and less employers are offering health benefits.

So, what should we do? Should we just let people die, bankrupt themselves and their families, and live in chronic stress? Or, should we acknowledge that "healthcare is a human right"? Add to that the talk of healthcare potentially getting even worse.
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