Combinations That Work

Combinations That Work

A couple on a moped in Izmir.

It seems like everything that could be said has already been said (cp. Andre Gide) & everything that could be written has already been written about the human condition. In life, there is only a finite set of trials and tribulations and finite, impermanent outcomes, and ultimately death. That is why history seems to repeat itself. And yet, we endeavor. Rarely do we stop and ask "why". That is a perilous question. We console ourselves by saying "it's better not to ask certain questions".

When was the last time you read a truly original story, watched an original movie, or heard an original song? Most originals these days are just shuffled remakes of past works. What is new, is only new to you, presented in a new medium and syncretized in yet another way. What we call creativity is not "creating" at all. It's merely finding combinations that seemingly work - and most just don't work.

Here is one to ponder: "A changes and therefore it cannot be permanent. On the other hand, if A is not permanent, then what changes?"

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