"People Want Peace"

People Want Peace

Photographed in Izmir.

The poster on the wall translates as "People Want Peace". Indeed, they do. Throughout history, those who've pushed for wars have been power hungry leaders and a cabal of elites. When we hear talk about "American interests" or national interests, it's not the interests of ordinary people but rather the interests of the economical elite they are referring to. Wars of "interests" are often justified by exceptionalism and the advancement of freedom and democracy in invaded countries. The claim is that the invaded will be better off, we at home will all be safer and the gains made through war will all trickle down to the rest of us.

The fact is, most wars of aggression have nothing to do with the people. They are initiated by and for the elite of "advanced" countries at the expense of their own citizens and the people of the invaded lands. How else can you explain the invasion of Iraq or the multitude of other wars we've been engaged in. Are we safer? No. Are we better off? No. Do the invaded have freedom and democracy? No - they barely exist in the chaos we've created. The only winners are a handful of corporations, especially those that fund and sell weapons. People want peace, and they can have if they stood up to the warmongers.
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