"Don't Ride The [Plastic] Elephant"

Don't Ride The [Plastic] Elephant

Soon, nobody is going to be able to "ride the elephant". Of the two extant species of elephants, the Asian elephant is classed as endangered, and the African elephant, as vulnerable; "Plastic elephants" are going to be it. They are going to decorate storefronts, and annoy store owners.

Plastic elephants add a new twist to the truths and fallacies of the Six Blind Men And An Elephant story; Form, nature, and The Truth.
  • Six blind men are asked to determine what an elephant looks like by feeling different parts of the elephant's body. One says, it's like a pillar, the other, a rope; The others, a tree branch, a fan, a wall and a solid pipe. They fail to understand that they were all describing the same being. With plastic, the manifold nature of The Truth is multiplied.
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