Caretta Caretta, Head Out Of The Water / Mutualistic Symbiosis

Caretta Caretta, Head Out Of The Water - Mutualistic Symbiosis

Notice the little fish swimming around the Caretta Caretta? The fish and the turtle have, what is known as a mutualistic symbiotic relationship with each other. The fish groom the turtle's shell by feeding on the algae, barnacles and sponges that grows on it.

In biology, symbiosis refers to persistent interactions between organisms. These interactions can be mutualistic, commensalistic, or parasitic.

If we consider the world at large, the most parasitic and predatory organism that ever existed is the human being. We are both the apex predator and the apex parasite. What human beings fail to understand is that life on earth, especially human life, depends on mutualism, in the broadest sense of the word. We have a crucial role and responsibility in maintaining the health of our ecosystem - which incidentally is the whole world. We can not indiscriminately continue to hunt, exploit and destroy the habitats of, turtles, fish, mammals, birds and plants - we need them.
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