Kusadasi Fruit Vendor

Kusadasi Fruit Vendor

A Kusadasi street vendor selling fruit in her cart. I guess the thumbnail view was missing some warm colors lately.

Fruit is an important metaphor in the Bible. In Genesis, there is the forbidden fruit. Although in Western Europe, this fruit is believed to be the apple, it could also be the pomegranate, fig, carob, pear, mushroom, or might not be a fruit at all, but a metaphor. In Matthew 7:16 it is written that: "By their fruit you will recognize them [false prophets]". Although there are many commentaries on this verse, if fruit is taken as "followers", then all prophets might be considered false prophets. Or maybe, we have to accept that a good tree might yield bad fruit. Just think of what was done is continuing to be done in the name of religion.
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