Brooklyn Love Building / "In Living Memory"

Brooklyn Love Building - In Living Memory

Comandante Biggie mural on the Brooklyn Love Building at Fort Greene.

On my drive back from Philadelphia earlier today, a news story on BBC radio was about WTO global customs pact failing due to India's insistence over Agricultural Subsidies. Everyone knows how I feel about Trade Deals, and the WTO. India disagrees with the WTO Customs Deal because the agreement does not allow countries the freedom to subsidize and stockpile food - something India wants to do in case of famine. A commentator explained India's reluctance by pointing out that famine was "in living memory" of Indians, referring to the 20th century famines in India. The commentator added that, paraphrasing, "it is a perceived threat and no longer a real one".

We human beings have a "short memory", and hence, history repeats itself over and over again. US and other WTO countries are pressuring India to sign the deal, which of course means people living in the second-most populous country in the world have to "willingly forget" what hunger is like. The so called "commentators" and "experts" are downplaying the threat of famine, while studies are pointing out that Climate Change Could Cause the Next Great Famine. Life would be so much easier for Big Business if they had a "neuralyzer" (memory eraser).

Song of the Day: Hypnotize - Notorious B.I.G. (1997)
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