Occupy May Day 2013: Work Sucks

Occupy May Day 2013: Work Sucks

You might remember this guy from an earlier post. He's moved on from Karl Marx to, ummm? Before you dismiss his message and label him as some kind of a "welfare bum", think about his message for a minute. [No, I don't know him personally]

An average American works for about 40 years and about 1,700 hours a year. When you factor in the time spent commuting, and subtract sleep, we spend more than half of our time working. About 65% are not satisfied with their jobs. For most, work is the "same old routine" everyday. You get up in the morning, prepare, commute, work for 8-10 hours, commute back home; Tired and stressed - day in, and day out. Some say, "do what you love"; others, "love what you do"; While some can afford to, most just can not. Many feel isolated, others are depressed. Many have lost their human ability to relate. And unless we consciously assign, construct or find proper "meaning" in our lives - in an absurd reality - work will suck and reduce life to meaninglessness. There's no real meaning in consumerism or in competing till the last one stands. But regrettably, many among us do not realize this, that is, until their lives have already been a big waste.

On a more political note, in recent years, the fear of job and economic insecurity is ensuring that we cling on to jobs that we dislike. The risk of economic insecurity at some point of our lives is 79%. It all adds up to even more discontent and isolation. After all, who can find meaning and be truly productive when under constant fear of "is my job going to be shipped overseas"?
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