Peace Sign In Izmir

Peace Sign In Izmir

By now everyone has heard of YouTube and Twitter bans in Turkey. Twitter was banned after daily wiretaps exposing government corruption were being communicated on the social network. Especially disturbing was the reason YouTube was banned in Turkey. After a leak of a Turkish security council meeting exposed preemptive war plans against Syria, Turkish press was gagged and YouTube shut down. What was even more disturbing was the plot to start the war on a false flag operation. And even more, US Secretary of State John Kerry encouraged the invasion.

Turkish municipal elections to be held today is seen as a form of referendum on the corruption embattled Turkish PM Erdogan. But irrespective of the results, it is unlikely Erdogan will go down without dragging the country into chaos - whether through consolidation of power, retaliation against his opponents or a war with Syria. The only signs of peace are those drawn on walkways.
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