Occupy Wall Street: We Are The 99%

Occupy Wall Street: We Are The 99%

A 46 year old woman buys a 16-ounce bottle of organic fertilizer from a local store for her garden. Drug Enforcement Administration agents storm her house with guns drawn. A pastor in Alabama who delivers hundreds of hot dogs and bottles of water to homeless people in need, following the example of Jesus, is banned from feeding the homeless because he doesn't have a food truck permit. These are just two stories that are in the news today, from hundreds of similar stories that appear each week. Life for the 99 Percent is not pretty - and it's getting worst each passing day.

You might wonder how life is for the "1 percent". In another headline from today, the New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman highlights a new study which reveals that the 0.1 percent are hiding their assets in off-shore accounts and avoiding large sums in taxes, in plain sight and with impunity. Read the paper on Offshore Tax Havens.

The photographed 99% was projected on the Verizon Building across Brooklyn Bridge during the Occupy Wall Street Protests on November 17, 2011. The Occupy Movement is far from over. It is evolving into a different kind of movement. So long as the 99% is discriminated against, the likelihood of full blowback only increases...
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