Woman In Front Of Konak Mosque / Religion and Maps

Woman In Front Of Konak Mosque - Religion and Maps

The Konak Mosque is a small historic mosque in the heart of Izmir. It was constructed in 1755.

Religion is a map for how we might "lead" our lives. Some maps are more accurate, others less, and every map is interpretable to a varying degree, but no map is the territory it represents! We often forget this. Instead, we equate the map with reality, and argue in futility about whose map is better. It is not the map, but how we "live" our lives that matters.

Many non-religious people also do not understand this. They feel, because they don't fully adhere to a particular religion - or any religion - that they are somehow map-free, or, they "knowingly" draw their own map. Maps are unavoidable. It's impossible to live without making any conscious "and" unconscious "assumptions". We all do it. Whatever our beliefs may be, life - in its most meaningful form - is about making constant corrections, by "validating" our assumptions against reality - that is, whatever reality may be...
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