Tablet Belonging To Sargon The Great

Tablet Belonging To Sargon The Great

This tablet belongs to Sargon of Akkad, "The Great King", "The True King", "The Legitimate King" and the founder of the Dynasty of Akkad. Isn't it interesting that some 4,300 years later, we still associate "greatness", "trueness" and "legitimacy" with the same things his people associated Sargon with. Below is the text of the tablet on display at the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations:
  • Tablet Belonging to Sargon of Akkad
    Terracotta, Kultepe, 19th-18th Centuries, B.C.

    Tablet belongs to Sargon, founder of the State of Akkad (2334-2279 BC). It is inscribed in the ancient Assyrian dialect. In the text beginning with "the King, Sarruking, Akkadian King, the king of four worlds, the strong king", it is described that Sargon held down all countries from the East to the West, defeated 70 cities in a day, captured their kings, and ruined the cities.
There is something truly wrong with civilization! Sargon was the first individual in history to form an empire and keep a standing army of paid, full-time soldiers. Hungry for "greatness", we have been doing the same ever since. Insanity.
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