Dangerous Freedom Over Peaceful Slavery

Dangerous Freedom Over Peaceful Slavery

"Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem". "I Prefer Dangerous Freedom Over Peaceful Slavery". This quote is attributed to Count Palatine of Rosen. We've reached yet another epoch where we have to make a choice between dangerous freedom and peaceful slavery.

Slavery in modern society comes in many forms. We are financially enslaved, both personally and as countries. While outright labor and sex slavery continues to this day, most of us are wage slaves, working for a minimum wage to pay off our college debts. But more importantly, we've become slaves to conformity, to political correctness, to religious thought, to materialism and to hedonism. We are not taught to think critically and, both as a society and individually, we are manipulated through mass media, news, sociopolitical deception and psychological techniques. Very few of us even recognize that we've been enslaved. Most of us are content with our slavery. Only when we experience freedom, do we seek continuous freedom, and refuse to live as slaves. Therefore, "they" deny our freedoms from birth.

Song of the Day: Young Turks - Rod Stewart (1981)
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