Honoring Our Troops?

Honoring Our Troops?

"...We say, 'We support the troops,' and we all say, 'We support the troops,' that that suffices. I go to the ballgame, I clap, I get teary-eyed, and then when they say, 'Play ball,' I buy a beer and basically forget about the episode." Military Historian Andrew Bacevich argues in a Moyers and Company interview that, paraphrasing, with the jettisoning of "citizen soldier" after the Vietnam War, thinking we did good by letting citizens off the hook, and in place putting a highly capable, trained and disciplined military, we instead ended up with a new professional army that really was no longer America's army, but Washington's army.

According to a V.A. report, 22 veterans commit suicide each day. Many veterans are still denied top PTSD treatments. Many have difficultty finding jobs and companies are not hiring. Many veterans, at some point in their lives, feel conned; They realize that the wars that they were fighting were not for the people, but for the emerging plutocracy.
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