The Union Rat's Gonna Getcha

The Union Rat's Gonna Getcha

The Union Rat is an inflatable rat used by protesting Trade Unions against their employers or against nonunion contractors. This particular one, photographed in DUMBO, is actually the "Asbestos Rat". It turns out that a "dangerous company", which was cited numerous times for unsafe asbestos abatement by the NYS Department of Labor, and later disqualified from doing work on NYC School Construction Authority Projects is being used by the protested company. The union, in their handouts, claims to have filed a lawsuit against the company for failing to pay workers a prevailing wage and overtime.

The unionization rate is at its lowest level in close to a century. With it, collective bargaining over wages, benefits, and working conditions are also on a decline.

Song of the Day: Proud Mary - Tina & Ike Turner (1971)
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