"Fuck You Fucking Fuck"

Fuck You Fucking Fuck

I usually don't like to get personal, but earlier today I read this old opinion piece posted on Forbes, titled "10 Essential Economic Truths Liberals Need to Learn". I stress "truths". The author is "professor of economics" Jeffrey Dorfman. I am at a loss for words. You decide - here are the "truths":
  • 1) Government cannot create wealth, jobs, or income.
  • 2) Income inequality does not affect the economy.
  • 3) Low wages are not corporate exploitation.
  • 4) Environmental over-regulation is a regressive tax that falls hardest on the poor.
  • 5) Education is not a public good.
  • 6) High CEO pay is no worse than high pay to athletes or movie stars.
  • 7) Consumer spending is not what drives the economy.
  • 8) When government provides things for free, they will end up being low quality, cost more than they should, and may disappear when most needed.
  • 9) Government cannot correct cosmic injustice.
  • 10) There is no such thing as a free lunch.
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