Conga Drummers, Philadelphia

Conga Drummers, Philadelphia

While many cities are driving out buskers, in Philadelphia street performers can be seen all over the city. These two drummers were not busking; they were just enjoying an afternoon session in front of a storefront...

Someone noticed that less and less of my photos are taken at a decisive moment. He's right, I did rant about it in some earlier posts. In shots such as the one above, there isn't a decisive moment, although it is possible to screw up even these simple shots with bad timing or bad composition. There was no way to hide the camera in this shot, nor was there a reason to. So I took a second to properly compose this single frame and made sure the timing was right. Many people think that the decisive moment only refers to the most important moment in the story, such as the moment of a soccer goal, a football tackle, or a basket shot, but for a photographer, it is usually the moment when the composition comes together in the frame.

Song of the Day: Congas - Marco Fadda (2008)
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