Walking with Pigeon Friend / Hedonic Treadmill

Walking with Pigeon Friend - Hedonic Treadmill

Everyone seems to be in a rush "to get there".

I recently came across the concept of the Hedonic Treadmill. According to this theory, success, or making more money does not result in any permanent gain in happiness because expectations and desires are also raised. The pursuit of happiness is like a treadmill, where one does work, but "doesn't get anywhere". There seems to be a "set point to happiness", an idea which has interested study by Positive psychologists. An earlier post had already mentioned that happiness is not a goal in itself, and is overrated. Philosopher Slavoj Žižek adds to that: "Why be happy when you can be interesting?"

Song of the Day: Happiness Is Overrated - The Airborne Toxic Event (2008)
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