Snow In Chinatown

Snow In Chinatown

Philadelphia Chinatown, after snowfall last year.

During the 2009-10 and 2010-11 winters, in the New York City to Philadelphia region, we saw heavy snowfall. Last winter, there was hardly any snowfall, and although there were long-term forecasts of above-normal snowfall there hasn't been much snow this year. 2011-12 was also New York's second warmest winter in history and so far this winter has also been warm.

Another recent study shows that spring flowers are blooming up to a month earlier in the Eastern United States, compared to, author and naturalist, Henry David Thoreau's day. This year saw the earliest flower bloom ever recorded as a result of global warming. Soon we're going to miss snow and read about it in history books.

Song of the Day: Sometimes It Snows in April - Prince (1986)
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