(Joe) Camel, Profile

(Joe) Camel, Profile

Well this isn't exactly Joe, he's just Camel. Unlike Joe, he has to work for a living lugging tourists around; but he's way cooler.

Joe Camel was a mascot for Camel Cigarettes in the 80's and 90's. He made smoking "cool". In 1991, the advertizers were accused of targeting kids with the Joe Camel character/ They denied this and put up a fight despite studies proving otherwise. R. J. Reynolds finally gave up and Joe Camel was withdrawn from advertisement campaigns in 1999.

Beside being highly addictive, cigarette tobacco is further sprayed with additives to make it even more addictive. As if that's not enough, cigarette companies hire top psychologists and marketing specialists to ensure that customers are also pyschologically addicted. Anything to secure lifelong customers.

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