Cigarette Break

Cigarette Break

Ernest Dichter, an Austrian-American psychologist and marketing expert known as the "father of motivational research", asked several hundred people why they smoked. People answered that, smoking is fun, rewarding, gives us oral pleasure, serves as a timekeeper, makes the feeling of loneliness go away, and helps to break down social barriers. Smoke itself is fascinating to watch, and lighting a cigarette is associated with fire. Smoking defines a part of our personality, helps us think and relax; it is an acquired taste that makes our troubles go away. A psychotherapist's wet dream; just prescribe this wonder of drug, the cigarette, and you have a happy and well adjusted patient. If only, cigarettes didn't kill.

Numerous studies cite that the reasons for smoking are mostly psychological. Smoking has both a calming and a stimulating effect. Add chemical dependency to that, it is not surprising that it's hard to quit smoking once you've started.

On a side note, the problem with psychiatric medications is that they do not offer a full package. You can not cherish fire as you do when you light up. Prozac is not a good conversation starter. Pills are not an acquired taste. They do not help you think or relax, rather, they numb you down.

I managed to avoid the Texting Girl title altogether.

Song of the Day: When I Get Low I Get High - Ella Fitzgerald (1938)
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