Although there is more than one way to categorize social classes, most social scientist study them as Upper, Upper Middle, Middle, Working, Lower and the Underclass. The homeless do not even make it to the "underclass"; they are invisible. There are more homeless than we care to recognize. Most of us, as we do the underclass, blame the homeless for their own condition, and accuse them with not having the ambition to share life as we envision it. But homelessness is a more complex problem than that.

It may be possible to blame some homeless their own condition, but the major contributing causes of homelessness are more indicative of profound social problems: Lack of employment opportunities, racism, sexism, disasters, wars, lack of healthcare, disability, forced evictions, mortgage foreclosures, and the list goes on. Although we all claim to be religious or spiritual, like Cain, most of us are unwilling accept responsibility for the welfare of fellow human beings. But there are exceptions; Check out this video of a man celebrating a homeless woman's birthday.

Song of the Day: Is This The World We Created? - Queen (1984)
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