Bludging / Trains of Thought

Bludging - Trains of Thought

I had sworn off photographing people texting or using their cell phones, but this one is a little different. I noticed this guy texting in the narrow space between two buildings at the Philadelphia Chinatown, while obviously at work. That's called bludging!

Texting at work and social media distractions cost companies billions of dollars due to decreased productivity. How annoying is it to wait in a long line at the pharmacy counter just after you notice three employees texting in the aisles. Texting is also dangerous: In 2011 23% of all auto collisions involved texting. But beside being dangerous and leading to loss of productivity, texting and social media may have other sideeffects we are just barely beginning to recognize. Social media is being linked to mental and distraction disorders as well as a reduction in social skills.

We are what we think. We are inclined to think in successions; One thought leads to another. Yet, most of us do not consciously determine which thought train we catch. We often catch the wrong train and have difficulty "resetting" our thoughts. Texting, social media, and constant distraction only adds to this inclination, swaying us from one mood to another. They make it even more difficult to focus our trains of thought. Take a hold of your thoughts and your mind, do not hop on the wrong thought train!

Song of the Day: Industrial Disease - Dire Straits (1982)
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