Shopping For Discounts; Shopping For Economic Sanity

Shopping For Discounts; Shopping For Economic Sanity

While Democrats and Republicans are negotiating over the so-called "impending" fiscal cliff, the picture on main street is not pretty. The fiscal cliff debate is centered around whether or not to keep the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy, and, whether or not to impose steep "entitlement cuts" to reduce the deficit. America's growing income gap since the 1980's suggests that there is hardly any difference between Democrats and Republicans, therefore, the issue of "entitlement cuts" is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. In due time, it isn't unreasonable to expect that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Federal pay and veterans' benefits will be slashed.

So why is the National Debt the highest it has been, both in amount and as percentage of GPD? Where is the spending? In the year 2010, the total federal revenue was $2.57 trillion, and we spent $3.83 trillion: The 2010 federal deficit was $1.27 trillion! In 2013, it is expected that we will spend $931 billion on defense - i.e. if we don't have to fund yet another war. Compare that with the expected education budget: Only $64 billion. Time has come to rethink how our economy and budget works, otherwise, by the time we grow old, we are going to inherit a disaster.

"They" ship our jobs overseas, dodge taxes, spend our money on bank bailouts and unnecessary wars, and then blame us for being an "entitlement society". "They" need to wake up, as we do, or the future is not going to be very pretty.

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