Barnegat Light; Gull, Woman, Dog

Barnegat Light; Gull, Woman, Dog

I dig sunsets. We were on the Barnegat Light Jetty to shoot some wildlife, but the best photos of the day were of the sunset through a thin layer of fog. Fog and haze decrease the contrast in photographs to provide unique effects; Observe the silhouette in this photograph, it still has color.

Someone asked me how I captured the sun so big. This photo is only slightly cropped, therefore the only way to capture the sun or the moon is to use a very long lens. In fact, if you wanted to sun (or the moon) to fill the frame, you would need almost a 2500mm focal length on a full frame camera. Also, please be careful shooting into the sun. You could easily blind yourself or damage your camera or lens!

Song of the Day: Fog - Radiohead (2001)
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