Irish Emigration and The Globalization of Economic Corruption

Irish Emigration and The Globalization of Economic Corruption

Photographed in Philadelphia.

Since the early 1800's the Irish have been emigrating out of Ireland in mass. The Irish diaspora, in its most general interpretation, numbers to more than 100 million people. Emigration continues to today; More than 50,000 Irish emigrated during 2012 alone.

Throughout history, there have been various causes of Irish Emigration, from famine, to political conflict, to the economy. In a recent interview, economics professor Michael Hudson takes a look at the mishandling of the economic crisis in Ireland, and uses the Irish case to illustrate the clout and corruption in global economics. Highly informative! Here's a little excerpt:
  • "So you can't compare Ireland's rising land prices to Britain's rising land prices. Outside of London the economy is being pushed in to a depression by deciding that Britain doesn't need manufacturing. All it seems to need is bankers. As long as they can steal money from Irishmen, who needs to manufacture anything?"
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