Belgian philosopher Raoul Vaneigem wrote: "Everything that is said, written and thought today is increasingly, and dangerously, irrelevant to life". "Dangerously!" I agree. While a report by the U.N. Environment Programme recently warned that "global greenhouse-gas emissions already have passed the point where the worst effects of global warming could be averted, and they are still rising", Gangnam Style, a stupid music video that parodies the lavish lifestyle of Gangnam district of Seoul, became the most watched YouTube video ever, with about 825,000,000 views at the time of this post; That's over 1/3 of worldwide Internet users!

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me an email showing that his company blocked Internet access to this site because it was categorized as "Political/Activist Groups". On his office computer, he can view "Gangnam Style", but not this website - It's dangerous! Increasingly, and dangerously, Internet censorship is taking a hold. Everything that is said, written and thought which is relevant to life is being suppressed, both actively and passively. More and more, we are expected to live life as our "human masters" want us to live it, without any critical thinking or self realization. Only the irrelevant is allowed to be relevant. Did you see last weeks Black Friday insanity? We are to shop until we drop and then come home and entertain ourselves. Life is not only about shopping and entertainment!

Nothing significant is being done about climate change. In fact, we are still being told that climate change is not real. Here is a recent World Bank report on global warming: Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must Be Avoided.

I regularly see the pictured gentleman at a bus stop on the way to work. I wonder what he thinks about where the world is headed. Maybe I should have been born when he was born...

Song of the Day: Gangnam Style - PSY (2012)
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