Occupy Wall Street: The Right To Honesty

Occupy Wall Street: The Right To Honesty

This photo was taken during the Occupy May Day event.

Lying, cheating and theft are quickly becoming acceptable behavior. We are making role models of those who lie, cheat and steal without being caught. Politicians, governments, and corporations, always lie, cheat and steal, but among us, there were always the honest - a rare breed these days. Honesty, integrity and sincerity have become weaknesses, glittering generalities, words on police logos. Honesty no longer pays.

The current presidential campaign is dirtier than ever, full of distortion, hypocrisy, contempt and dishonesty. Many of us dismiss these simply as "politics", but politicians set the tone for what is acceptable behavior for society at large: "What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander" Here is Stephen Colbert at his best.

Whistleblowers, those who stand up with honesty and integrity against wrong doing regularly face reprisal from the institutions and governments they work for. In the last few years, two NSA veterans William Binney and Thomas Drake were targeted for exposing, waste, mismanagement and illegal spying programs on US citizens. Although they have managed to successfully defend themselves against government attacks, not every whistleblower is so fortunate. It is troubling to see the extremes our government goes to, in suppressing and punishing whistleblowers...

Support Bradley Manning!

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Song of the Day: No Secrets - The Angels (1980)
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