Pushing It!

Pushing It!

Wide-angle shots provide interesting perspectives in many genres of photography. Most photographers use wide-angle lenses not to fit everything in the frame but to establish a relationship between near and far elements in their photographs, or, to present their main subject within its surroundings. These shots can be difficult because the wider the angle, the closer the photographer has to be to their subject - often less than a few feet.

Landscape photographers using wide-angle lenses seek to find foreground elements that are interesting or related to the background subject that they are shooting. Photojournalists and street photographers have to approach their subjects while constantly adjusting their perspectives to reflect the story in the background. This is not an easy task; not many people like a camera in their face.

For sports photographers, especially motorsports photographers, the real challange is safety. It is not really safe to be standing withing 2 to 4 feet from the path of a car speeding at 80mph. That is why you don't see too many wide-angle motorsport photos unless they were shot in a controlled way (outside an event). This particular photograph was taken using a camera with a remote trigger.
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