Pilates At Brooklyn Bridge Park

Pilates At Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Fitness Guru is holding free Pilates classes on Tuesdays throughout summer at the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Pilates is a body conditioning routine developed by the physical-culturist Joseph Pilates. Pilates focuses on core strength and follows 'six principles': concentration, control, center, flow, precision and breathing. In 2000, a US federal court ruled that Pilates was a generic term, thus, anyone, qualified or otherwise, could offer Pilates to the public.

It's become very difficult to accomplish anything without lawyers, lawsuits and judgements these days. Is everything illegal in America? As detailed in many Occupy posts, the Courts have been anything but consistent in ruling about every aspect of our lives. Some state laws and city ordinances are outright ridiculous, while other laws like the NDAA and Citizens United are scary and even unconstitutional. Patents are inconsistently awarded and patent lawsuits cost companies and individuals millions of dollars each year. At the rate we are going, I would not be surprised if we are forced to pay royalties for the way we exercise or the way we walk.

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