Occupy Wall Street: The Call of the Bugle

Occupy Wall Street: The Call of the Bugle

The May 22 Occupy Wall Street, Solidarity with Quebec Student Strike march ended in Union Square with this bugle call.

Despite the fact that more than 2,500 students have been arrested since February, the student protests in Quebec are continuing daily. Ever since the the passing of the Emergency Law 78, the protests have gained momentum with support from ordinary citizens and other activists groups.

If you only follow the mainstream media, you would be led to believe that the Occupy movement is over. In fact, some "liberals", have been criticizing the movement for not taking political action and gaining political seats. Occupy is not a movement of the Democratic or any other party. From the beginning, their message has been clear that there is no difference between Republicans or Democrats when it comes to corporate plutocracy. Occupiers understand that the current political process is rigged and change can only be triggered through popular demand by an educated population. They have managed to accurately frame important issues such as income inequality, poverty, an unfair tax system, influence of the military-industrial complex, and corruption, which were otherwise ignored by politicians, corporations and the media. Even if the movement does not survive in its current form, until those issues are addressed, its spirit will live on.

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