American Mosaic: Orthodox Jewish Man

American Mosaic: Orthodox Jewish Man

"The American Mosaic in the 2010's" is a side project I've been meaning to launch for a couple of months now, but I never really got a chance. This is the first post in the series.

America is dubbed "The Land of Immigrants". Many of the 13 British Colonies embraced people of various ethnic and religious groups early on in their history. Those looking for political and religious freedoms, especially those that fled prosecution and poverty, immigrated to the Empire of Liberty. In America, slavery first began in Spanish Colonies in 1526, and continued in the 13 British Colonies. In some colonies such as Pennsylvania, the Abolitionist Movement gained strength. Right after the American Revolution, between 1776 and 1804, slavery was outlawed in every state north of the Ohio River and the Mason-Dixon Line. It took another fifty years before Emancipation Proclamation was enforced (after the Civil War ended, with the 13th Amendment in 1865). The end of slavery, and the waves of immigration that started in the 1850's, established The United States as a true multicultural nation, a "melting pot", or more accurately, a "cultural mosaic".

Jewish immigration to America began in the early 1800's. A large wave of Jews later arrived in the 1880's, fleeing religious persecution in Eastern Europe and Russia. Since then there have been new waves of Jewish immigration to the United States.

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