The concept of spiritual enlightenment is not easily defined. Generally speaking, enlightenment is the Western blanket term for concepts related to self-realization, comprehension of one's own true nature, knowing the nature of things, a deep understanding, oneness, overcoming duality, liberation, wisdom and non-attachment, as they are taught especially in the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist traditions. The concept of enlightenment exists in some form or other in almost all religious and spiritual traditions, East and West, most notably in esoteric or mystical orders.

Many associate enlightenment with some specific form of spiritual exercise. But spiritual exercise is just that, an exercise, a means. Some forget that. Reality - as understood or experienced by many - is not just limited to the rational (and the irrational). In the realm of meaning, nature and existence can not simply be understood or explained in a purely rational way. There are aspects of reality which can more appropriately be defined as the non-rational - and comprehended as such. Enlightenment is the full awareness of both the rational and the non-rational, of reality and true meaning - at every present moment. If defined that way, full enlightenment, at every moment, is most likely unattainable. But, one can get closer and closer to whatever reality is.
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