Your Facebook Status Update Can Wait!

Your Facebook Status Update Can Wait!

This prank sign is the work of artist Jay Shells. He makes a good point about people's obsession with social media.

In the recent years, there has been increasing research and debate about the psychological effects of Internet use. Some have suggested these changes to be beneficial while others have suggested that they are harmful. The Internet has revolutionized the way we access information. The world is only a few clicks away. Social media has transformed the way we communicate. Face-to-face interaction is being replaced by text messaging and Facebook updates. But this new medium has brought forth new concerns and abuses such as loss of privacy, scams and information inflation. Only time will tell whether or not social media will have an irreparable impact on our psyche and our lives.

Although I do not subscribe to any social media sites, personally, I think social media has a place in our lives so long as we can keep things balanced. On the other hand, there is no replacing a touch, or seeing the look in someone's eyes.
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