Deport All Illegal Aliens Now?

Deport All Illegal Aliens Now?

One debate that everyone in America seems to maintain a position on is illegal immigration. Like other controversial social issues such as abortion, gay marriage and the death penalty, the issue of unauthorized immigration has been an ongoing debate for decades.

The main cause of illegal immigration globally is economics; Immigration is almost exclusively from countries of lower socioeconomic levels to countries of higher socioeconomic levels. In the United States, people support their positions on unauthorized immigration often by citing the same arguments, but with different viewpoints. While some blame unauthorized immigrants for increases in unemployment, others cite their contribution to the economy. It seems like nobody has the political resolve to either grant amnesty to or deport unauthorized immigrants.

Problem solving involves prioritization. Prioritizing which problems to take up first is often more art than science. In some instances, solving small problems and then taking on the large ones turns out to be more efficient. In other instances it is the opposite. In many instances there is no discernible order. Given the current state of things, there are bigger issues than, abortion, gay marriage, the death penalty, or unauthorized immigration to deal with. In fact, the number of unauthorized immigrants has been declining since the recession.

A note on BIGGER problems. At the time major financial institutions were issuing mortgages, converting them to securities and then betting against them, which is the cause of the current recession, mortgages were being issued to illegal immigrants: Banks saw illegal immigrants as an untapped resource for growing their own revenue stream and contended that providing illegal aliens with mortgages would help revitalize local communities. Greed has no limits!

If and when things turn really sour, many immigrants will head back to their homes. They did not cause our problems. And unlike the majority of us, they know how to live in all sorts of hardship. We will be the ones paying for allowing corporations to hijack our economy and our government.
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