Black-crowned Night Heron / Nocturnality

Black-crowned Night Heron - Nocturnality

The Black-crowned Night-Heron is the most widespread heron in the world. It is a medium-sized heron, found in all continents but Australasia and Antarctica. It breeds in fresh and salt-water wetlands and it primarily eats small fish, crustaceans and aquatic insects. It is a slow and patient stalker and hunts mainly at night or early morning.

Nocturnality is an animal behavior characterized by activity at night and sleep during the day. It is a form of crypsis, an adaptation to avoid or enhance predation. Many Nocturnal animals are also found in deserts and hot habitats to prevent water loss.

Most plants, animals, fungi and cyanobacteria have an internal clock called the circadian rhythm that runs on a 24-hour cycle. Circadian rhythms are observed in biological activities such as sleep cycles, core body temperature, brain wave activity, hormone production and cell regeneration. Some night owls may be naturally nocturnal due to their different Circadian rhythms.
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