Canada Geese

Canada Geese

The Canada Goose is a migratory bird that breeds in Canada and is distributed throught North America. In the recent years, their numbers have have grown substantially and are considered by many as pests. They are confident birds that often take residence in city parks and golf courses and have been known to attack humans when they feel that they, or their goslings are threatened.

Canada Geese usually fly in a V formation which helps them keep track of, and communicate with all members of the group. This formation also allows them to fly longer distances with less energy expenditure by reducing wind drag by up to 65%. This is similar to the Drafting technique performed by cyclists. Competitive cyclists try to ride in an Echelon Formation where they follow the leader in a diagonal pace-line. Research indicates that this gives the cyclists a 15-30% energy advantage in the wind over a lone cyclist that is not in the echelon.

The US Airways Flight 1549 incident, often referred to as "The Miracle on the Hudson" involved a collision with a flock of Canada Geese. Bird strikes can be a significant threat to flight safety and are common during takeoffs and landings. In the recent years, many countermeasures such as bird management around airports and modifications in vehicle design are actively pursued to minimize aircraft-bird incidents.
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