Manhattan Bridge / Impulse to Differentiate

Manhattan Bridge - Impulse to Differentiate

The Manhattan Bridge spans the East River just North of Brooklyn Bridge. The two bridges are often seen together in movies and photographs...

In an earlier post I had spoken about our human "impulse to differentiate" when there is more than one thing in the same view. Two people, and our mind automatically picks the more attractive one. Two sports cars, we automatically prefer one over the other. Two bridges, and Brooklyn Bridge wins! It is older, has Gothic stone towers, and has a less industrial, more natural design.

When we leave the comparisons behind, and pretend only the Manhattan Bridge exists, then something magical happens! We see the beauty of Manhattan Bridge...
  • And every guy's a clumsy poet and every girl's a beauty queen
  • But they're so caught up in appearances
  • That they don't really know what they mean
  • -- from Lyrics to song "Bustin' Loose" by Aussie band Moving Pictures
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