Banskyesque / "Struggling to Help the Depressed Loved One"

Banskyesque - Struggling to Help the Depressed Loved One

Earlier, I had posted a detail from this Mural and remarked that someone had beat me to making the Bansky connection. Her interpretation of this work was: "Reel Him In/Cut Him Loose". I interpreted it differently.

The female figure seems to be struggling to hold on to the string the male figure is hanging off. Although it is hard to know what the artist meant by the equilateral triangle on the male figure's forehead, my interpretation is that it is some sort of a warning, danger or threat. The upright equilateral triangle can symbolize numerous things, from Holy Trinity, to masculinity, to the alchemical element of fire. My interpretation is that the female figure is trying to uplift her beloved who is suffering from some sort of depression and barely hanging on. I'm going to title it "Struggling to Help the Depressed Loved One". Any other ideas?

There's a Banksy Page displaying some of Banksy's work you should check out on

2011-05-09 Update: Someone remarked, "It's a warning to the next couple who might park in front of the No Parking sign".
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